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  • How To Take Care Of Dental Health

    faq about dental healthSo many occasions come in our lives when we laugh with all our hearts content. To keep that smile intact, you need to start taking care of your thirty two priceless pearls quite early.  Basic routine consists of brushing and flossing, which, if neglected on a daily basis, may lead to various kinds of gum diseases.

    Let us start with faq about dental health and details of a few gum diseases:

    What is Gingivitis?

    Red swollen gum and mild bleeding is the characteristic of affected gum, and it shows that the gum is not in proper health, and need to be taken care.

    What is Periodontitis?

    If the earlier mentioned characteristics are ignored, then the gum will deteriorate and the inner immunity deceases. Pockets are created in the gum and bacteria starts creating plaque. The tooth root becomes loose.  Treatment is vehemently needed to prevent the permanent loss of teeth.

    What is Advanced periodontitis?

    When the earlier two stages are over, then the third stage may come when further decaying is continued and the tooth is ultimately coming out of the gum.  So that loose one need to be taken out by help of some dentist.

    Oral care habits

    The general awareness is less, thus faq and their answers about dental health is needed to be discussed while visiting your dentist.

    Basic idea of keeping the oral health intact is, to floss, regularly, along with brushing. Brushing is not always the ultimate solution for all kind of oral problems. The tiny gaps between the teeth and the minute food particles are cleaned when you floss after brushing.

    Drinking water has its benefits of taking care of your oral health as well. When you drink every time after a meal, it automatically cleans the food remains and thus, the chance of carries lessens.

    Smoking cause maximum harm to your gum and teeth.  Your teeth and gum gets discolored due to the nicotine, and eventually gives you bad breath.

    Eating right food is very important for your mouth. The sweets and acidic food causes decay and thus, might create cavity in your teeth.

    Brush with proper product. Use medicated toothpaste and soft or hard bristled toothbrush depending upon your need. This healthy habit will take care of your oral health throughout your life.

    The problems of the mouth


    • That film you feel with your toungue when you swipe it at the back of your teeth, the brown one, is plaque. It is basically the shelter of the bacteria

    How it creates problem

    • When we eat sugar or starch or acidic food, the bacteria come out from the plaque and start decaying the enamel layer of our teeth.

    How can it be removed

    • Plaque should be removed by regular and proper brushing, yes, it is that simple.
    • Also, regular visit to your dentist to check the oral health and flossing helps a lot.

    What happens when it is not removed

    • Plaque remains deposited at the back of your teeth and hardens which with time, transforms into tartar. It can never be removed without the professional help.

    How to brush properly

    • The brush should be kept at the 45 degree angle of your teeth and then, without too much pressure, rub it on outer, and then inner, lower and upper surface of each tooth.Continue it for at least 2 minutes, to get the full impact.

    The best way to keep the teeth in healthy condition is, take proper care, visit your dentist regularly and check for the rules of oral health care.

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