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  • Side Effects Of Dental Implant

    dental implantPeople often feel the emptiness in their life once they start losing the original teeth, as the smile, the structure of the face as well as the personality gets hampered. So when dental implant comes as a saviour, it becomes the source of happiness.

    For the missing teeth, dental implant is a wise decision. The gum loses its density if the missing tooth is not replaced, for a longer time. Thus in cities like Edmond dental implant is quite famous for its utility.

    Dental implants work exceptionally well for almost all the people, the success rate being 93 to 98 percent. This implant works through a minute surgery, which, in some cases, results in a few side effects.

    Have a look at the problems you may expect once you start using a dental implant

    1. Soreness:

    The mild pain and irritation you feel in your gum is nothing but a temporary problem which you can experience after you have gone through a dental implant. You can take any pain killer to get done with it.

    2. Gum swelling:

    The gum usually gets a mild swelling after the implant is attached with it. Often the cheek gets swollen too. Ice pack is the best remedy for this. This swelling does not exist after 48 hours of the surgery.

    3. Bruise:

    A few bruises may appear once the swelling is cured. The bruises may appear on the jaw, gum or inner side of your mouth. These bruises will heal on itself within a week of surgery.

    Long term side effects:

    If the dentures have been fixed by a professional and experienced dental surgeon then there is very rare chance of getting any long term side effect of this surgery. You may heard or read about the nervous problem of dental patients after the surgery. But the truth is, the chance is very less. An x-ray will be done beforehand and if your dentist doubts that the position of any nerve is very near to the place where the implant will be plugged, then he would ask for a 3D scan. This report will show you the exact location of the nerve, and thus, your dentist can suggest you if the nerve can get impinged by the surgery. Likewise, you will be able to decide if you want to take the chance or not.

    There are certain misconceptions and wrong notions about dental implants, so if you have any doubts and queries, it is better to contact any professional dentist who will be able to advise you wisely on dental implant in Edmond.

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