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  • Some Common Dental Problem Among Seniors In Edmond

    dental care for seniors in edmondSeniors residing at assisted living often face lots of physical problem. Dental problem is the most common problem for almost all seniors. There are certain kinds of dental issues which are found mostly among seniors. The stuffs in assisted livings in Edmond always take care of the seniors to make sure that they do not suffer from such problems. The routine for dental care for seniors in Edmond always consist of basic checkups as well as specialized treatment as per individual requirement.

    The ailments that these seniors suffer from are listed below, let’s have a look:

    Blackening in teeth

    the dentists who visit the assisted living in Edmond often find that darkening in teeth is a common problem among seniors. When dentin, the tissue underlying the tooth enamel gets damaged by having nicotine through smoking or caffeinated beverages, this darkening happens. Or if due to some cause the outer layer of enamel gets thinned, the inner layer of dentin shows through it.

    Dry mouth

    Due to some medication side effects, mouth gets dry as saliva production reduces. This can also happen if the senior one is going through radiation as a result of cancer treatment around head and neck.

    Loss of sense of taste

    The taste buds loses their power of sensing the taste with age. Also some disease, long term medication and using of denture can cause losing the sense of taste to some extent.

    Root decay

    When the tooth enamel gives in and the roots are exposed, the decaying acid in our food disturbs the root and thus, decays it. Gum tissues are sensitive and they do not have any protection over them. So they start getting damaged once the tooth is decayed.

    Gum disease

    A food particle deposited in the gum and at the root of the tooth causes bacteria and fungus. The deposition causes long term problems like decaying in gum, and bad breathe.

    Denture related problem

    When the denture or the bridge is not well fitted, fungus build up causes problem inside the mouth. Tissue inflammation under the denture causes pain and often the chewing process gets affected.

    Age is not a sole reason for oral problems. But it can intrigue problem with irregular or improper method of brushing and flossing, anemia, calcium deficiency. So better be alert and lead a healthy life by following the basic oral health care routine.

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