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  • All Myths Related To Dental Chamber

    dental chamberPaying a visit to even the best dentist in Edmond is not a pleasurable experience for most us. Our confidence suddenly subsides and nervousness takes control of our better self. There are lots of dentist in Edmond who are successful and worthy of the fame they have won. But the usual rituals they follow often put us as off as we do not practically know the meaning and importance of those rituals. So let us have a look how and why this fear is caused and how the myths about dental chambers can be busted.

    Cleanliness in a dentist chamber:

    The usual sweeping and mopping is not the talking point here, the maintenance of hygiene is necessary in a dentist’s chamber. In Edmond, the entire dentist’s chamber is fullproof in the matter of hygiene maintenance. The stuffs wear gloves and mask before after and during the patient visit. The germs spread from sneezed and cough can be prevented that way. Also they use disinfectant in the chamber as well as the waiting room as germs may spread from the outsiders as well.

    Tools are always sterilized. The ones which are replaceable generally are thrown away after singe use.

    Wearing a mask is also a must, as that prevents the spreading of diseases. Disposable gowns are available for the patients as well as the employees, so the clothing does not come in direct contact with the dust particles or dirt from outside.

     Protective eyewear for the patient:

    The heavy eyewear that you have to wear when you are sitting on the chair may make you uncomfortable. But do you know the real reason behind this? The saliva and the fluids may fly in the air when your dentist is checking you. He will be really busy checking the internal recesses inside your mouth, and you might not feel good if those drops of fluid sprinkle to your eye. Another great reason for using this eyewear is , the scorching light. The one that hangs or bends towards your head is necessary for the dentist to check your mouth properly. But that may cause irritation in your eyes if you have to stay for a long time. So you eyes get protection through that glass.

    The tools used by the dentist are sometimes heavy, and those may slip from his hand or strike you in your face, that eyewear protects your pair of eyes in a smart way from getting hurt in such a case.

    Also, there may be chance that your dentist or any of the employees may sneeze or cough suddenly, which is a mere accident. When you are sitting in a stagnant position, you definitely will not be able to protect your face by covering it. So that eyewear will cover your eyes in that situation as well.

    Protective eyewear is also used by the stuffs working inside the chamber, for the same reasons as mentioned.

    Dental dam:

    When the dentist poke one of your teeth and insert a hole into it, you might feel terrible and wonder why the hell on earth such a process is being worked inside your mouth. The dam, which is a thin layer of latex, is used to cover one or two teeth which need special attention. This way the dentist will get better visibility and will be able to check up the problem area.

    Whatever process is being followed in the dentist’s chamber has some reason behind it. If you feel curious, go ahead and place your queries before your dentist, he will be happy to enlighten you with necessary information.


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