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  • Can Invisalign Cause Allergies


    People who have this problem of disfigured teeth setting often seek the help of various methods to straighten them and Invisalign is a very popular one among them. If you have faced or are facing such problem, then you must have thought of trying this Invisalign for leveling your teeth. If you are a resident of Edmond, then you will find plenty of professionals who will give you the right advice on the usage of Invisalign, but you can check online beforehand and get a few points noted, before visiting your dentist in Edmond. You need to check any such option with your dentist in Edmond, as professional guidance is always advised before trying out any medical equipment.

    What is it:

    To begin with, Invisalign is a healthier and safer substitute of regular braces, which can be personalized. Your dentist will take a measurement of your teeth and gum, and he or she will provide you with the right Invisalign which will be fitted to your gum naturally. Also, it will be invisible, well almost, and will not make your teeth look distracting, like the regular braces. This one is disposable, thus healthier; you need to change it in every two weeks.

    Allergy issues:

    There is actually a possibility of getting allergies due to the use of Invisalign, but the chances are less. Those who have the issue of less saliva secretion in their mouth may face this problem. The piece stops or hampers the flowing of saliva inside the mouth. Or sometimes the plastic material of the Invisalign causes the irritation, but the problem of less saliva secretion is actually to be blamed, Invisalign only acts as triggers.

    How the allergy happens:

    If you are allergic to plastic, then Invisalign may cause irritation. The material which makes it transparent is plastic, and your mouth and inner parts will come to direct contact with it. The jaw, gum, tongue and other inner parts come to close contact with your Invisalign and irritation may start to occur.

    How to check the allergic tendency:

    If you are planning to get Invisalign and is apprehensive regarding your allergic tendency, then ask your dentist to do a check up. He or she will attach a piece of plastic (of which your Invisalign is built) with a tape to your gum. You have to stay a few days that way to know if any itching or irritation is causing due to that plastic. If some serious issue is occurring, then your dentist may suggest some other methods to straighten your teeth.

    How to stop the allergic reaction:

    If you are using the Invisalign or is determined to use, but have this mild irritation in your gum while trying the piece out, you can follow some of the simplest methods to get away with it. If you remember, the cause of irritation is less secretion of saliva. So drink lots of water and if possible, cold water, which will add hydration to your mouth. A professional may help you by clearing the teeth every month. This will not aggravate secretion of saliva inside your mouth though.

    Using Invisalign is a secure process to straighten your teeth. So do not bother about the irritation which may or may not be the case of yours. In reality, the maximum number of people does not experience the irritation. Do not hesitate and use it if you want to flaunt your set of teeth with pride.

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