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  • Know Everything About Dental Restoration

    Dentist in edmondDental problem is a simple one to handle, nowadays, with the advancement of dentistry, quite a few options are available to fix the gap in your teeth or mend the decayed tooth.  If you are a resident of Edmond, you will get plenty of choices regarding a good dentist who will show you the right way to mend your dislocated damaged teeth. Dentists in Edmond are aware of these various new techniques and thus, they are always eager to help you fix your oral and dental problem by lending a helpful hand.

    However, there are two kinds of restoration done for two different kinds of problems.

    Direct restoration

    This one is a simpler method which can be done in only a single visit to your dentist chamber. The dentist checks the decayed tooth and fills it will glass or resin ionomers which are a good option for holding the strength of the teeth that is required for chewing.

    Indirect restoration

    This process can be functionalized by using crown, inlay or onlay on your teeth. A crown is a cap-like structure which will cover the surface of the decayed tooth. The inlay is actually used to protect the cusp of the tooth. Onlay is a feature which covers the tip of more than one decayed tooth as well as the cusps.  The materials for these pieces can be various, from gold to resin, to porcelain which comes closest to the color of original teeth. This process needs quite a few numbers of visits to your dentist as the process is time taking. Which material and which kind of restoration will suit you cannot be decided at once.

    Items used by the Dentist in Edmond for building the restoration pieces:

    1. Resin ionomers – to fill the small holes, resin ionomers are used. Acrylic acid and acrylic resin mixed with glass filler is the ingredients for this filling. This is not a very durable filling.
    2. Ceramics– crowns and fillings made by glass-like ceramic and porcelain are used to protect the damaged teeth. This kind of filling requires minimum two visits to the dentist. Also, this one is not famous for durability.
    3. Composite (white filling) – glass filler with resin is the base of this kind of restorative filling. It matches with the teeth by color, and until given too much pressure on chewing, it works fine.
    4. Glass ionomers – acrylic acid is the base with which fine glass powders are mixed to create these ionomers. When the decay is at the root of the teeth, glass ionomer is used to fill up the cusp. While in use, they exert fluoride which prevents further decay of the tooth. The problem with this kind of filling is, this one is not so durable so the patient has to be careful while chewing with the filling on.
    5. Metal alloy– gold along with copper and a few other metals create this alloy. Not only in the filling, but this alloy is used in bridges, outlays and inlays, and even in the crown. This is probably the sturdiest option for restorative filling.
    6. Amalgamations– the popular choice among the dentists in Edmond is this one. This is also an alloy which consists of mercury, silver, copper and a few other elements. This one is so durable that the dentists use this filling for the heavy load of chewing, like the cavity in the teeth under the gum.

    Now from this whole range, your dentist will help you choose the right material for your restorative fillings.

    There are some factors responsible for this decision, like:

    • The kind of decay in your tooth
    • The damage caused by that decay
    • The position of your decayed tooth
    • The oral health of yours
    • The food habit, which shows the chewing load of your tooth

    You can be assured of the services of the dentist in Edmond. Go for a regular check up and be aware of your oral problems before it is too late. Be alert and check your oral health timely, so you can get your pearly smile back even after facing the decay and damage.

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